What Is WordPress

What_Is_WordPress_1WordPress is known as an open, free source blogging tool and a content management system that is entirely based on MySQL and PHP. This blogging tool actually operates on a hosting service that the features it has are a template system and plug-in architecture. Another interesting thing to note today is that eighteen percent of the top ten million websites are using this tool, since August 2013. Dating back in the history, this blogging tool was officially released on the twenty-seventh day of May, 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, as its founders. It was licensed by the GPlv2. The tool was built to create a personal publishing system that provides its elegance and well architecture.

What_Is_WordPress_2Also, WordPress is truly considered as fresh software that its development and roots start from 2011. The product is also excellent for its stability and maturity that the tool holds a significant part in the web standards and experience of the users. Furthermore, WordPress has a particular code that improves the typography of writing on many writers. From there on, it has developed to be the giant self-hosted tool used in blogging all around the world. Millions of websites are using this tool and millions of people are seeing it every day. Anything that you are able to see here, from the code down to the documentation, was produced for and by the community. This serves as a project for an Open Source that means there are hundreds to millions of people around the world who work on it. Most of them are using the commercial platforms. This also means that you can freely use the tool from the home page then to the website without worrying about the payment of license fee and other significant freedoms.

What_Is_WordPress_3In addition, WordPress is truly a dependable website to the majority of businesses around the world. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are inspired because they are allowed to be creative with their business objectives. It is also being used as a software program for portfolios, membership sites, landing pages, business websites, magazines, news and commerce. For those who are only starting up their small businesses, you are able to create a more affordable business blog or website. This is the best tool for you because it provides ease on access. The tool is capable of dealing with full-sized, rich and small business websites. Apart from it, it is quite easy to become skilled at it that there is no need to learn on how to basically write the code just to use it. It boasts its functionality to be able to simply create a blog post or page.

What_Is_WordPress_4Other than that, WordPress is the excellent blogging platform to be used either in edited version of personal story or even in journalism. None of those blogging platforms can defeat the experience you can obtain from WordPress. Its general interface, search engine optimization, and ease on content publishing are among the many benefits to get from this tool. Thus, you have learned more about WordPress, its history and founders and its significance to the businesses nowadays!

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